Portable Handheld Talking Dictionaries

Do you need a translator for your next trip abroad? If yes, then your solution is a portable handheld translation device. In this website, you'll find a variety of handheld multi-lingual translators and dictionaries to choose from by Ectaco, Franklin, and Lingo just to name a few to solve your dilemma.

You will soon discover that we have the best quality electronic language translators available at discount prices and periodic special offers!

It is time for you to do a comparison on advanced pocket-sized language translators that, believe it or not, give you a vocal response once you speak the phrase in your language. Moreover, you can carry the device with you at any time you choose since it is lightweight and pocket-sized. It makes an excellent tool for school, business, travel or just being around your friends.

In the business world, a rising and stylish trend is the usage of handheld electronic dictionaries and language translators. It is not uncommon to experience a language barrier situation when traveling, learning another language, or simply engaging in a conversation with foreign people, so a multi-lingual electronic dictionary or electronic translator is a very useful device to have to quickly solve the communication issue.

A majority of the handheld devices are technologies that are linked to innovative Text-to-Speech and speech recognition with business organizer operations. The normal features of the electronic dictionary contain massive bi-directional vocabularies (nearly 1,000,000 words or greater in Spanish, French, etc.), phrase banks which include common everyday local expressions, grammar citations, and much more.

Featured Translators and Dictionaries

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  • Nancy wrote:

    I decided to buy it for my husband who's studying French. He appears to enjoy it somewhat. Every so often the audio is a bit difficult to comprehend. Aside from that, it appears to satisfy his requirements.

  • Joe wrote:

    I really like the ease that this gadget gives. with straightforward direction-finding and assistance recommendations along during usage.

  • dreaDrea wrote:

    I bought this handheld translator to improve my conversations with people who talk other languages (predominantly French). I work in multi-lingual surroundings. I am (thus far) more than happy with its smallness and capabilities. I have not had it for a long time but I can see right off the bat that it will be a really useful tool to have. I did not even know it had video games once I purchased it, so that was an extra benefit

  • Andy wrote:

    I made use of it on trip to South America and it was incredibly useful.