Electronic English to Arabic Translator - with Voice

Arabic to English Translator

ectaco trilingual arabic to english to french dictionary with voice Najm Arabic French English Translator
A trilingual dictionary which is capable of a variety of advanced features. Najm 7100 Super is separated by its work through touch screen and keyboard. NAJM 7100 SUPER is very compact & thin; pocket sized with large screen and backlight. The smart alpha search permits the portable translator to provide instant translation just by inputting the 1st letter of the word.
Six Dictionaries in one: Arabic to English, "English to Arabic", Arabic to French, French to Arabic, English to French, French to English.
7100 SUPER contains 3 fun and educating games: Hangman, Matching, Warehouse. Specifications: lithium batteries

ectaco multilingual arabic dictionaryEctaco Arabic French English Translator XL1500 (Best Seller)
Featuring an absolutely unique combination of language pairs and voice output capabilities, it is the only handheld dictionary to contain synthesized TTS (text-to-speech) functionality in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish within the same device. A giant leap forward for modern electronic translation, the ECTACO Partner XL-1500 Multilingual Talking Dictionary is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Never before has it been so easy to communicate in so many languages. Thanks to its advanced synthesized voice output capabilities, the Partner XL-1500 makes traveling almost anywhere in the world enjoyable and all your communication effective. Its ability to speak translations aloud using the latest TTS modules lets it act as your own personal language assistant and interpreter. With an astonishing vocabulary database of over 3,367,000 words, you will always find something to say.

ectaco 2-way english to arabic electronic translator ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-2A English <-> Arabic Talking 2-way Language Translator and Electronic Dictionary
Absolutely unique in the world of handheld language and travel assistants iTRAVL translator includes everything the business or leisure traveler needs to make visiting foreign destinations an enjoyable and easily navigated experience. Loaded with a full range of the most useful communication tools. By simply speaking into the iTRAVL, you can have your phrases instantly translated and spoken aloud using a sophisticated combination of speech recognition modules, real human voice narration and speech synthesis. A great feature is "iHELP" which lets you immediately access a list of emergency or most frequently used phrases instantly. Thanks to its remarkable Speech Recognition modules all you have to do is pronounce a voice tag and iTRAVL will speak the phrase immediately. A real life saver in difficult times of communication in the middle east, speaking with Egyptians, study abroad course in Qatar (or the middle east), or wherever Arabic is spoken.

Lingo 20 Language Translator w/ New Oxford American Dictionary

multi-language translator translates into foreign language characters and displays to you phonetically how to speak the characters in your own language, and then says them for you just by touching one button! You don't have to learn a foreign alphabet simply to speak in another language! The Voyager 3 Translates: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Translates and talks over 46,000 travel phrases and translates over 400,000 words, 8 Line Display with Backlight, Voice /memo recorder, 8 Travel Games: Sudoku, Kakuro, Decoder, Mines, Number Slide, Totem Pole, 24, Number Puzzle, 8 metric and 8 currency conversions, world time clock with alarm,


Lingo Xplorer Translator - 14 Languages

You can travel the planet with the Lingo Xplorer 14 Language Talking Translator. This vocabulary packed Blackberry-like exquisite design translates and talks greater than 840,000 words and puts out 46,200 travel phrases in 14 languages. This is more words and travel phrases than you can search for in any other multi-language talking translator! In addition to the linguistic relentless power, it comes with the New Oxford American Dictionary® with greater than 80,000 entry words and 250,000 entries.
Featured Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek.
Metric and Currency Converter, World time alarm clock, Voice Recorder, 8 built-in travel games for hours of enjoyment: Sudoku, Kakuro, Decoder, Mines, Number Slide, Totem Pole, 24, and Number Puzzle, Includes Carry Case and Ear Buds, (Requires 2 "AAA" batteries)

Lingo Voyager II - 12 Languages (includes Arabic)

This translator features more than 240,000 words and 27,000 useful phrases. The Lingo Voyager II helps you understand how to pronounce foreign words correctly, so your message is well understood.
Translates English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, phonetic Greek, phonetic Russian, phonetic Chinese, phonetic Japanese, phonetic Korean, phonetic Arabic and phonetic Hebrew
Features: 6 TravelTainment games: decoder, mines, number slide, totem pole, 24, number puzzle, 8 Metric and 8 currency conversions, world time clock with alarm, Alarm Feature, 32k Phonebook, World Time in 200 Cities, Calendar, 12 Digit calculator, Batteries: 2 AA