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ectaco English Farsi electronic dictionaryECTACO Partner EFa400T English <-> Farsi Talking Electronic Dictionary
Providing sophisticated English speech synthesis, this complete-integrated bidirectional language gadget is one of the most versatile and adapatable high-performance communication devices currently available for the Farsi language. It includes the newest text-to-speech technology, it will surely become one of your most important and reliable tools for use in satisfying a broad range of communication demand. It features greater than 450,000 entries to make it a quality educational tool as well as being one of the most flexible multipurpose language materials ever.

ectaco English Farsi dictionaryECTACO Partner EFa500 English <-> Farsi Talking Electronic Dictionary
The new ECTACO Partner EFa500 is a bilingual English to Chinese translating dictionary and so much more. Designed to let anyone understand and communicate instantly, the EFa500 features all the latest programming advances. Containing a enormous 450,000 words in its comprehensive vocabulary database plus 14,000 of the most important phrases for immediate communication, the EFa500 employs sophisticated TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice synthesis to speak any of its entries aloud so you don't have to. Perfect for anyone just beginning to explore the world of international communication, the EFa500 is loaded with the linguistic resources and extras that make all the difference when you need a reliable, portable companion to help make sense of the world in another language.


Lingo 20 Language Translator w/ New Oxford American Dictionary (includes Persian)

Lingo 20 Language Translator w/ New Oxford American Dictionary
multi-language translator translates into foreign language characters and displays to you phonetically how to speak the characters in your own language, and then says them for you just by touching one button! You don't have to learn a foreign alphabet simply to speak in another language! The Voyager 3 Translates: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic,Persian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Translates and talks over 46,000 travel phrases and translates over 400,000 words, 8 Line Display with Backlight, Voice /memo recorder, 8 Travel Games: Sudoku, Kakuro, Decoder, Mines, Number Slide, Totem Pole, 24, Number Puzzle, 8 metric and 8 currency conversions, world time clock with alarm,

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