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ectaco English Japanese dictionaryECTACO Partner EJ400T English <-> Japanese Talking Electronic Dictionary
Providing state-of-the-art English and Japanese TTS speech capabilities, this bi-directional electronic dictionary is one-of-a-kind. The only translating dictionary on the market to contain both English and Japanese speech synthesis, it is unique in the world of portable translation. A versatile and sophisticated language resource, it incorporates advanced text-to-speech technology that allows it to speak its hundreds of thousands of dictionary entries out loud. An important language study and pronunciation aid, it delivers fast, accurate and reliable assistance when working with a second language. Containing over 450,000 entries this dictionary also converts letters into Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji as well as providing Romanized pronunciation keys.

ectaco multilingual japanese dictionaryEctaco Japanese English XL 1500 (Best Seller)
Featuring an absolutely unique combination of language pairs and voice output capabilities, it is the only handheld dictionary to contain synthesized TTS (text-to-speech) functionality in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish within the same device. A giant leap forward for modern electronic translation, the ECTACO Partner XL-1500 Multilingual Talking Dictionary is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Never before has it been so easy to communicate in so many languages. Thanks to its advanced synthesized voice output capabilities, the Partner XL-1500 makes traveling almost anywhere in the world enjoyable and all your communication effective. Its ability to speak translations aloud using the latest TTS modules lets it act as your own personal language assistant and interpreter. It includes an astonishing vocabulary database of over 3,367,000 words, you will always find something to say.

Japanese dictionary 2ECTACO Partner EJ900 English <-> Japanese Talking Electronic Dictionary Phrasebook
The new ECTACO Partner EJ900 is a bilingual English to Japanese translating dictionary and so much more. Designed to let anyone understand and communicate instantly, the EJ900 features all the latest programming advances. Containing a enormous 455,000 words in its comprehensive vocabulary database plus 14,000 of the most important phrases for immediate communication, the EJ900 employs sophisticated TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice synthesis to speak any of its entries aloud so you don't have to. Perfect for anyone just beginning to explore the world of international communication, the EJ900 is loaded with the linguistic resources and extras that make all the difference when you need a reliable, portable companion to help make sense of the world in another language.


ectaco multilingual English Japanese dictionaryBesta MT-7000 Japanese-English-Mandarin-Cantonese Voice Electronic Dictionary

Built in English-Chinese-Japanese Dictionary with around 300,000 phrases and words you can search for easily. Newest model of the respected "Oxford Advanced Learners English-Chinese Dictionary" with close to 167,000 illustrative sentences. 130,000 human voice example sentence recordings for English/Chinese and Oxford dictionaries. Built in English Collocations Dictionary, 140,000 word group and up and over 50,000 MP3 recorded sentences. Largest Downloadable professional dictionaries database, including 161 volumes of terminology and technical term dictionaries complied by Besta, National Institute for Compilation and Translation (Taiwan), National Science and Technology Term Standard Committee (China), the best reference tool for professional, students and researchers alike. Built in Cambridge Encyclopedia, ranked top 5 in the world for popular encyclopedias, with approx. 4,000,000 headwords and 24, 3000 phrases and definitions. 5 different Adjustable font sizes for better visual. Besta syllable pronunciation, an ideal tool for beginner level English speaking learners. Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Besta exclusive real time mouth to mouth. New user friendly word search, search multiple words using "and" and "or". Live Voice (Real Human pronunciation). Built in the newest Question and Answers for US Naturalization, helpful question possible asked during the interview for the US Naturalization process.

English to Japanese Dictionary Sony Japanese to English Electronic Dictionary (Not Available)
Franklin Japanese English DictionaryDB-J990A Bilingual Dictonary (Not Available)
Ectaco Japanese Dictionary ECTACO Partner EJ900 English to Japanese Dictionary Phrasebook