Merriam Webster Electronic Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary by Franklin Electronic Publishers merriam webster spanish english dictionary electronic

Spanish-English Dictionary. Puts 5,000,000 total translations at your fingertips. Plus, you get over 274,000 English definitions for quick language reference. Patented phonetic spell correction lets you enter words as they sound and receive alternatives for misspelled words. Also includes grammar guides and quizzes, verb conjugations, and examples of how words are used so you can speak with confidence.

Merriam Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus tabers medical dictionary electronic

America's #1 Selling Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus* in electronic format provides you with instant access to over 100,000 words and 500,000 synonyms! Franklin's renowned phonetic spell correction allows you to enter words by how they sound. With a large 8-line screen, expansion card slot and USB connectivity option the MWD-1470 offers extraordinary value in portability, versatility and expandability. Includes a Rolodex organizer, clock, calculator, Interactive games and more.


  • The complete Merriam-Webster Dictionary with more than 100,000 words
  • Franklin thesaurus with more than 500,000 synonyms
  • Large 8-line display
  • Phonetic spell correction
  • Clock
  • Calculator & Currency/metric converter
  • Rolodex organizer stores up to 100 entries
  • 4 Learning Exercises including SAT Word List
  • 9 Games
  • BOOKMAN III card slot for expansion
  • Desktop Manager to sync extra Franklin or web content (USB enabled kit sold separately)

Franklin Speaking Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition (SCD-2100) merriam webster dictionary electronic

Fully updated and redesigned, the new Eleventh Edition of the Merriam-Webster's Speaking Collegiate Dictionary sets a new standard in electronic dictionaries with dynamic new content, a striking new look, and a fresh platform for easy viewing and accessibility. Designed to help you communicate effectively, it combines high-quality language reference with state-of-the-art search technology, providing instant access to over 500,000 Definitions and a 500,000 Synonym return Thesaurus.